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Punisher - War Zone (DVD)

Art.nr: 5051161253410
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Punisher - War Zone (DVD)

Info om filmen:
Ex-Special Forces officer Frank Castle (Ray Stevenson) is back with all guns blazing as The Punisher, this time waging a one-man war on two fronts. While targeting the vicious mob boss, Billy Russoti, Castle horribly disfigures the gangster in a firefight that also claims the life of an undercover FBI agent. Seeking terrible vengeance, Russoti takes the name “Jigsaw” and begins recruiting the underworld’s most notorious criminals while the Feds form an anti-vigilante Strike Force. Now The Punisher must find a way to elude the law and decimate Jigsaw’s deadly crime army in this adrenaline-packed action-thriller.

Regi: Lexi Alexander
Skuespillere: Colin Salmon, Dash Mihok, Dominic West, Doug Hutchison, Ray Stevenson, Wayne Knight
Utgitt: 2009
Format: DVD
Sone: Sone 2
Sjanger: Action
Antall disker: 1
Spilletid: 1 time og 38 minutter
Aldersgrense: 15 år
Språk: Engelsk
Undertekster: Norsk, Svensk, Dansk, Finsk
Lyd: Dolby Digital 5.1