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Hasbro Monopol Gamer Mario Kart - Engelsk Utgave

Art.nr: 5010993509799
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Hasbro Monopol Gamer Mario Kart - Engelsk Utgave

Info om spillet:
Collect coins, buy property, and compete in races to rack up points and win!
- Choose your character! Each character has unique abilities.
- Power Up! The Power-Up die lets you drop bananas, toss shells, pick up coins, and boost your character`s ability.
- Compete in races! Trigger a race when you pass GO. First place gets a big prize!

Antall spillere: 2-4
Alder: 8+
Spilletid: 45-80 minutter
Språk: Engelsk
Innhold: Gameboard, 4 Character Tokens, 4 Character Cards, 4 Reminder Cards, 8 Grand Prix Cards, 16 Title Deed Cards, 5 Banana Tokens, 1 Numbered Die, 1 Power-Up Die, 90 Coins and Game Guide